Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Welcome to the Liquid Edge and the World of Technical Diving

As a diver there is a line that defines you - an edge if you will between where you are and where you are going. This is the liquid edge and is as much about learning new skills, as it is about pushing past your own definition of what you think you can and can not do.
As a diver you probably define your growth by the courses you have taken and the skills you have acquired. Until one day the next course is no longer defined as sport diving, but as technical. Technical courses are not only designed to get you deeper for longer. They are as focused on improving your safety underwater by increasing your understanding of the risks and giving you a tool set that allows you to minimise these. In fact, technical courses should give you a new confidence and attitude toward diving. You may or may not be interested in exploring deeper than 40 meters or in overhead environments like caves and wrecks, but that does not exclude you from integrating technical skills and thinking into your ‘sport’ diving. Technical Diving is about exploring, be it the sea or inland caves. It is about learning new skills. Becoming a technical diver is all of that and more.... because becoming a technical diver is also about exploring your own limits. Limits are choices and the only limits that exist are the one's you believe in!

So welcome to the world of technical diving where choices are limits. Have you chosen yours ?